October 2009

American Scientists Raise New Issues

Ravishankara AR, Daniel JS, Portmann RW. (2009) Nitrous Oxide (N2O): the dominant ozone-deleting substance emitted in the 21st Century Science 326(5949):123-5.

Kampschreur MJ, Temmink H, Kleerebezem R, Jetten MS, van Loosdrecht MC. (2009) Nitrous Oxide emission during wastewater treatment. Water Research 43(17):4093-103.

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July 2009

David Cameron visits the University

David Cameron visited the University to discuss environmental issues with some members of the Nitrous Oxide Focus Group.


L-R: Chloe Smith (MP for North Norfolk), Prime Minister David Cameron, Professor David Richardson and Professor Trevor Davis.

L-R: Chloe Smith (MP for North Norfolk), Prime Minister David Cameron, Professor David Richardson and Professor Trevor Davies.

Nitrous Oxide Focus Group visits the Royal Norfolk Show

To help raise awareness of the impact that Nitrous Oxide has on the environment, the group had presence at the largest two-day agricultural show in the country.

New Paper Published by Focus Group Member

David Richardson, Heather Felgate, Nick Watmough, Andrew Thomson and Elizabeth Baggs (2009) Mitigating release of the potent greenhouse gas N2O from the nitrogen cycle – could enzymic regulation hold the key? Trends in Biotechnology 27(7) 388 - 397.

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April 2009
New Laboratories Launched

Two newly refurbished laboratories in the Faculty of Science have been opened. More than 70 academic staff and industry representatives toured the state-of-the-art Energy Materials Laboratory in CAP and the Wolfson Fermentation Laboratory in BIO at a special launch event on April 1. Dean of Science, Prof David Richardson, and Prof Chris Pickett both led successful bids to the Royal Society/Wolfson Foundation to build new facilities that they will use to advance the next wave of ‘low-carbon' research and technological innovation.

January 2008
N2O release from agro-biofuel production negates global warming reduction by replacing fossil fuels

A collaboration of American, European and Uk scientists have argued that nitrous oxide release associated with biofuel production for agricultural lands could negate the global warming reduction potential of using biofuels rather the fossil fuels. The work highlights the need to better understand the factors the lead to nitrous oxide emissions in agricultural lands. Please click here to download

May 2008
Nitrous Oxide Focus Group Newsletter

Issue one of the Nitrous Oxide Focus Group Newsletter is now available. Please click here to download a PDF version

March 2008
Future Radio

Professor David Richardson has been interviewed by Dominik Lukeš on Future Radio about the new Nitrous Oxide Focus Group.

February 2008
Nitrous oxide: definitely no laughing matter

Farmers, food suppliers, policy-makers, business leaders and environmentalists are joining forces to confront the threat of the ‘forgotten greenhouse gas' by taking part in an influential new forum at the University of East Anglia. Launched on February 22nd 2008 the Nitrous Oxide Focus Group will engage with many influential organisations including the National Farmers Union, Marks & Spencer, British Sugar, Defra, the Country Land and Business Association and Unilever. The group will present and explore cutting edge research into the sources and sinks of nitrous oxide in the environment and discuss the prospects of mitigating the release of this destructive gas through re-shaping current policies and practice.

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Nitrous Oxide Focus Group Launch Event

'Nitrous Oxide: from enzymes to global warming. Understanding the implications for your organisation'

The Nitrous Oxide Focus Group launch was held on February 22nd 2008 at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

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